Friday, May 27, 2011

The best AB work out

Ok . I know a lot of people want to get "lean" or ripped. . Getting down to 12-6% BF for guys or 15-% or lower for ladies. The main part of doing this is food, If you can use the diet i posted before that is the main step in getting lean. Now the cardio/ exercises that work. When it comes to cardio Short fast runs of 2-4 miles are better in getting lean than longer ones in terms burning carbs and building denser fast twitch muscles . One reason elite sprinters have thicker muscles and elite marathoners thinner muscles is due to the fiber types. I would say that 3-4 Fast 2-4 mile runs would be good for the cardio along with 40--60 mins of walking 5-7 days a week as the walking burns more fat while the running burns carbs . Now the best exercises -1 Cable crunches or standing cable crunches though you dont have to have a cable to do them you can get better range of doing this than sit ups and day of the week. The next best is leg lifts you can do these laying down or in rack if you go to the gym . ok now the 2 you would not think of lol - Running with a weighted back pack- why?? well your abs are what make your body stabile when you run or lift so when you had some extra weight they have to work out more. You wont even notice much at first but the next day you generally feel it lol The next one is push ups. yep push ups. Sure your chest is getting a work out but your abs once again have to make your body stabile and end up getting a good workout was well. I think these 4 exercises are by far the best at helping your abs grow.

Ask questions

One thing ever runner or person getting into fitness should always do is never stop asking questions. When i started running did not know anything and my running "form" was awful. A friend of mine who was a former sprinter during college showed me how running on my forefoot would help a lot and what shoes would be better for me. I have been lucky enough to meet and run with some amazing people. The same applies to the gym as well, because no one starts out with ripped abs and huge biceps . It takes years of training and learning from people what works and what does not. Never be afraid to ask someone more experienced than you for advice as i have found most people that are "elites" or that have trained for years are more than willing to help people starting out. One thing to be careful of though are people that claim to know "Everything" or have a "magic pill" routine that is the BEST. Im sure they mean well but anyone that knows a lot a bout exercise or running can tell you what works for one person can be the exact opposite for another. The best trainers will give you advice and tell you to see how it works for you. Starting out you should also avoid most any ad in mags about getting in shape as their main goal is to keep selling you a product not to get you into shape. Some of the stuff can help but its not something that will give you "instant" results. Most of the "before and after" pics you see are professional body builders during off season they gain mass then before shows they get lean. They also get paid for these ads so these are not normal people just getting into shape. Two great sources of information for people are and - Both of these sites have a lot of info and a lot less ADS and junk than most sites. Honestly i hardly ever look at runners world anymore as it is more of mag trying to sell you junk or shoes than to really help a runner. Look around online in a the forums on these sites and you can see what "real" people have said about products and training that way you can judge for yourself vs a "paid review" from a book

Thursday, May 26, 2011


This is a simple list of the BEST foods one can eat if they are looking to "get in shape" Not for running , but to get lean and gain muscle. 1 Egg whites, 2 Whey protein , 3 lean tuna or chicken, 4 Brocolli, 5 Bananas , 6 Oatmeal 7 cottage cheese 8 Brownrice 9 Yogart . This is pretty much the diet that many body builders use year round to stay decently lean unless they are "mass gaining'. They are trying to use as many complex carbs as possible for fuel so they do not have to have a huge amount of carbs for energy during workouts. The complex carbs also last longer during workouts as well. The proteins listed are the best for consumption for gaining muscle and staying lean due to the biological value in which they are absorbed and the animo acid profile. The more L-argine and - l-cartine in the proteins you digest the easier it is for you to stay lean all year as L-argine helps blood flow and l-cartine helps use fat a s a fuel during exercise from what i have read. These are generally the foods i will eat when i am not running as much but trying to gain more muscle and for gaining abs. You can do sit ups all day and never see your abs as it is far more in having a low body fat than exercising the muscles. In all honesty if a person never worked out but ate the foods listed above in moderation you would probably be in pretty decent shape without even touching a weight. So many body builders can tell you that its much much more about a good diet than the weights. Yes lifting will help but the diet is far more important. For most people sticking to this diet sadly will be something beyond there willp power so what i recommend is using parts of it to help you. take 1-3 of your normal bad meals and replace it with one of the healthier items listed above. That small step can make a lot of difference in short amount of time. Over time your body will get use to the changes and you wont have to eat as much junk food to stay full esp if you increase your fiber intake as that helps keep you full as well. When it comes to increasing your fiber intake i recommend the hemp fiber sold at earthfare as it is pretty cheap and has a huge amount of fiber per serving along with protein . This will help you with you hunger when you feel like you cant control the urge to dig into a pack of snickers or pizza. Hope this helps some and good luck !

To Help You

The reason i have decided to do this page is to help people in their quest for fitness or running. I have learned quite a bit about nutrition , exercise , running etc over the past few years by trial and error. I am by no means a "expert" but i do know what has worked for me and id like to share that info with people who want to better their lives through running or exercise. There are so many bad sites and false information on the web just trying to scam you for a $ that it really makes me sick at times. The idea that buying this or that will get you in shape is ludicrous , there are products and things that can help along the way but there is no magic pill that works for everyone. 90 % of it is the ability to stick with it each day a lil at time so one day you will look in the mirror and be proud of who you have become.

The longest run

Now about the LONGEST run. Last year with the help of some great friends and one legendary barefoot runner i was able to run 105 miles in 22 hours. When you reach this level its a lot like your very first run as you are wondering why you are doing it, you feel like your going to die at points lol, but just like your very first run you will eventually make it through it. Sure you will Hurt and suffer but once you are done you will be able to say your able to do something very few people in the world are able. Its not about the medals or prs but about knowing you have the willpower inside yourself to make yourself go beyond the limits of what you think you can do.

The 1st run

The 1st run i ever did was by far the hardest. It will be your hardest too if you decide you want to get in shape or start running. You will feel like it is impossible and so tired after only a few mins or steps that there is no way you can do it. You can, i did , if my lazy fat unmotivated self could somehow find the willpower to get that first run done so can you. Yes it will suck and yes you will sweat and feel like your going to die but getting started is the hardest part, if you can do that then you can get in shape and one day run a marathon - or further. You just have to believe in yourself.