Friday, May 27, 2011

The best AB work out

Ok . I know a lot of people want to get "lean" or ripped. . Getting down to 12-6% BF for guys or 15-% or lower for ladies. The main part of doing this is food, If you can use the diet i posted before that is the main step in getting lean. Now the cardio/ exercises that work. When it comes to cardio Short fast runs of 2-4 miles are better in getting lean than longer ones in terms burning carbs and building denser fast twitch muscles . One reason elite sprinters have thicker muscles and elite marathoners thinner muscles is due to the fiber types. I would say that 3-4 Fast 2-4 mile runs would be good for the cardio along with 40--60 mins of walking 5-7 days a week as the walking burns more fat while the running burns carbs . Now the best exercises -1 Cable crunches or standing cable crunches though you dont have to have a cable to do them you can get better range of doing this than sit ups and day of the week. The next best is leg lifts you can do these laying down or in rack if you go to the gym . ok now the 2 you would not think of lol - Running with a weighted back pack- why?? well your abs are what make your body stabile when you run or lift so when you had some extra weight they have to work out more. You wont even notice much at first but the next day you generally feel it lol The next one is push ups. yep push ups. Sure your chest is getting a work out but your abs once again have to make your body stabile and end up getting a good workout was well. I think these 4 exercises are by far the best at helping your abs grow.

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