Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Heat training.

One of the hardest yet most rewarding form of training is heat training. I think it is reserved for more experienced runners though as it can be very dangerous , so you really have to know your body and limits well. The + side is once you get use to it normal runs during the summer seem much more easy and heat does not bother you anywhere near as bad. Here are some of the products i use when doing heat runs . Ill generally put on the thermals then the sweater and the lastly the coat. with that many layers even at only 70 + it feels quite hot. The hottest i have ever ran with it on i think it was around 90-92 deg. The Furthest i have ever been able to do was 26.2 but it was a VERY SLOW 26.2 lol I generally keep it to 4-12 miles with it on though there is one 16 mile loop i will do at times with it on and my record for that was around mins When you are doing this type of traing the most important things to bring with you are beef jerky , Gu packs and emergan-c as your sweating so hard that if you get to the point where you feel awful those can help restore you enough to get to a store or rest and you can start walking. I think this training can really help people who know they are doing long all day runs in hot areas or want to toughen themselves as it will def make you want to quit while your doing it and ? yourself as a runner. I think those are best type of training runs as when your done you feel much stronger and capable.

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