Friday, June 24, 2011

Food tips for distance.

One of the hardest things about running is "fuel" , how to fuel , when to fuel and , etc. So im going to share what has worked best for myself. Im sure it may not work for others and may work great for some people. 2 days before a long run i will carb and protein load. I mainly carb load with Oat meal Granola and bananas- pretty simple but highly effective. The protein will be mostly peanuts and whey protein as the peanuts are high in fat as well which helps. During long runs i do dont ever try to take in complex carbs , just takes your body far to long to digest them and is extra stress on the belly. The best shake mix i have found is GNC mass gainer with emergan-C + some plain salt and sugar. Kinda weird and bit hard to handle but the calorie load is great and it has everything your body needs as your sweating out. The problem with hydration is you can never refuel enough to get back what you are burning, just cant be done. The best one can do is kind of hold off the effects slowly by drinking 8-16 ounces about every 6-7 miles 32 ounces be the max for heavier people or in really hot conditions. Any more than that is a waste and will hurt you more than helping as the body can only process so much. I think fueling more in the first 10 miles will help a lot more than trying to fuel later on as by that time its pretty much to late and any effects of what you take in wont hit till you are already done . If you fuel harder in the first 10 miles it will be a bit harder to digest but you will feel far stronger later on and be able to go much longer as well. This is a great article on fuel by hammer and they know far more than i do lol though i am def learning as much as i can each day even though i do have some 'decent" exp running 50s and 100s m I can honestly say most people As fas as food to get down during a race Gummie bears and skittles have the highest carb ratio of any food, pretty much pure starch so those are good ones. If a race is less than 10 miles i would not take any fuel or just once at most any more than that would just hurt more than help unless its just super hot or really steep. Hope that helps some and as i said this is what works for me , so im sure for other it varies a lot. Good luck everyone!!!!!

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