Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Recovery tips

Exercise recovery - This is about basic recovery tips that can be applied to almost any sport in terms of getting the best recovery out of your work out. All your muscles are weak and injured due to The training so what you need to do 1st is get foods in you that jump starts that process. Broccoli and spinach are 2 of the best foods for that with all the vitamins in them they are by far the two top foods for starting a quick recovery. The next one on the list is one that many people have not heard about but is awesome recovery helper, grapefruit seed extract. This one has powerful antioxidant properties and will def help you in your road to recovery. Hopefully you know about the next one on the list - protein. After any hard workout or race you HAVE to get in good amounts of protein in order for those muscles to heal and grow. The best source being whey right after a workout and casein at night due to it being a slow digesting one. If your going to get it from foods i would use egg whites or Chicken noodle soup. Now here is another one many people may not have heard of,arnica cream. Arnica is wonderful are resting stressed tendons skin and muscles relax and feel soooooo much better after use. Some people have had a mild reaction to it and arnica cream can worsen eczema. So if you have any skin conditions or might be allergic to it ask your doctor first before using it.

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