Friday, June 17, 2011

My first competitive race. Bethel Hill Moonlight Boogie 50 Miler

Sat june 11 will be a date i will always remember because it was my very first competitive race. I love the "fat azz runs i do but they are low key and meant to be enjoyed far more than to go out and run as hard as one can, with a few exceptions. I always knew i was a pretty good runner and had some speed in me as well but i had stayed away from races as i loved running just to run. I was lucky though as i had friends who saw i could do well in a race with my abilities and got me to enter. I was very nervous but everyone at the race was super nice and made me feel right at home. The race director was also a really nice dude who you could just tell wanted to make sure everyone had a good time and still did there best. The aid stations were also awesome as well esp the 2nd one LOL those guys rock , if your lucky enough to ever run the boogie you will know what i mean . The runners were also amazing as well. The 3rd place winner brad i was able to talk to a tiny bit and he was really nice and very chill as well as a some of the marathoners i talked to a bit. I did learn some things from the run 1# no gear next time unless its a 100 miler. I had on a bicycle shirt at first to carry some stuff with me and it def hurt me more than helped for the first 6 miles till i took it off and just used my hands to carry stuff with which was much easier . 2# Listen to what Jonathon Savage has to say- the end . Every piece of advice this man has put on wiki has helped me a TON. If your a runner and lucky enough to have met this man , listen to every single word he says like a runners bible - seriously. 3# I can defeat the rain !! "with the help of injinji socks " I use to hate running in the rain but the boogie a thunderstorm hit and i got drenched , I looked deep inside geared down thanks to a buddie and hit it hard and it payed off. 4 and by far the most important thing , I am a very lucky person to have the friends i have. I could not ask for better. 4th place over all 5o miler- First competitive race. Not bad for a guy that use to weigh 310lbs and nearly died in a car wreck.

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  1. What a totally awesome experience! You totally smoked this!

    I couldn't agree more about Jonathan. Super nice guy has has so much practical experience and advice!

    If you can . . . maybe I can!!! Thanks!!