Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Low fuel training

Caution I only recommend this to semi to experienced athletes , that are in very good health and they know there limits as a athlete. Low fuel training is a great way to condition your body to be better at withstanding low fuel during long runs or work outs. This way if your having a Race or trying to win a sporting event you will be better at times when your body is feeling tired or weak due to low fuel . Here is a example of a training day i did once with Low Fuel - I did a 20 mile run- a 60 mile ride on the exercise bike and 1 hour of weight lifting. The idea is to train as hard as you can on a little fuel as possible so during events where you are able to eat you ill need less and you wont have to digest as much during those events which helps a lot. On the run the only thing i ate was a a tea spoon of sugar , once i was done with that i ate 1 banana and 2 slices of turkey meat around- 140 cals and got on the bike - during the ride the only thing i drank was 1/2 of a sierra mist about 70 cals and ate 3 pieces of hard candy about 80 cals after i was done with that i had 1 boost 240 cals and started to lift so during the entire 3 sets of running / biking and lifting my total cal was 530 calories . Once your use to this type of training during races or events your body will feel likes its on "over drive" getting extra amounts of fuel and you should be able to perform even if you happen to get low on fuel as well. If your use to eating all the time or fueling constantly during training and end up low on fuel during a race or a event then you will not be use to how hard it can be to "keep going: while carb depleted . Another variation on this training is what Body builders do during the cutting phase a before a show, They will cut carbs like crazy and only use really good complex carbs like oatmeal for fuel while the rest of the diet they have is mainly lean protein . You will feel like shit and be very very tired and training will be hard as hell but you can get very ripped and lean doing this but it takes a LOT of dedication to doing it as your energy levels will be so low that if your not use to it one can become quite "grumpy" and moody as well. If you decide to try this i would recommend increasing your healthy fats a bit a well and using Low- 25-50 mgs caf every few hours for energy though be cautious as the the caffeine can dehydrate you as well. Hope this helps out some for people into running or looking to get more lean for summer.

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